Back when I was 12 and I asked my mom to please stop sending me to English lessons, I didn’t imagine I would end up moving to the far west, I mean Texas, and forming a bicultural family. Growing up in a town in southern Argentina, surrounded by mountains where to ski and lakes where to camp, the last thing on my mind was to learn a foreign language. 

It wasn’t until I was studying Journalism and Communication that I understood that education -alternative, revolutionary, liberating- has no boundaries. I'm thrilled to have completed a Montessori certificate training for pre-primary (2-6 years old).

I learned that living far away from home makes you value your own culture and identity, that to remember who we are and where we come from helps us know who we want to be and respect others.

I think it is fundamental that everyone, starting in early childhood, could experience the discovery of other cultures. With that in mind I intend to grow a “tribe” with other Austin families with similar mindsets -when it comes to their kids' education. 

I have a fatal attraction to artists, but I don’t belong in that breed. My thing is to plan, problem solve, answer questions, make spreadsheets and create never-ending to do lists. I also love being outdoors and traveling.




LEAD GUIDE - academic coordinator

Lidia Del Haro. After training as a Montessori Guide for Young Children's Community (from 0 to 3 years old), Casa de los Niños (from 3 to 6 years old) and Elementary (from 6 to 12 years old) at the Montessori del Norte Education Studies Center, Lidia received a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the Pedagogical University of Durango, México  with honorable mention and obtaining the first place of her generation - in 2005.
Lidia or “Lily”, as the young generation of students of the Montessori Training Center she leads in her hometown like to call her, worked for 16 uninterrupted years in relation with kids - since she was 19 - as a Guide with children from 0 to 12 years old. Lidia directed the Thomas Jefferson Bilingual Private School in Torreón, Coahuila, México. She has worked as a professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana teaching subjects as Observation techniques, Philosophy, Montessori Materials, Design of Montessori Environments within the Bachelor of Education.

In 2012 she founded "Colectivo el Colibrí", an organization of which she is still a Director and Professor, and which is responsible for the formation of Montessori Guides with a semi-face-to-face approach, which has the mission of professionalizing all adults that work with children, independent of the pedagogy operating in the institution. Currently, El Colibrí has 8 generations graduated from Casa de Niños, one of Young Children's Community, counting as well as more than 50 people graduated from the Training Center.
Lidia completed a Master's Degree in Middle Education at the Professional Pedagogical Institute of Torreón, her hometown, and has participated in several congresses on training and human development and also introduction to Waldorf pedagogy. In her free time Lidia enjoys studying, reading, writing, listening to music and spending time with all the men in her house: her husband and her 4 children. He likes cats, loves plants and learning about new relaxation and meditation routines. Currently, Lidia works as Management Consultant, Academic Coordinator and Guide for Young Children's Community and Children's House at La Tribu Preschool.



When I was five years old I always dreamt of becoming a teacher, but as I grew older choices changed. Little did I know that 28 years later I was going to love teaching. After working for the restaurant business for more than a decade, I decided to shift  into something more meaningful. Living in Texas for almost twenty years I realized the importance of being bilingual, so I decided I wanted to teach Spanish to preschoolers. I was given the opportunity to  work as an assistant at a Montessori preschool, I fell in love with the philosophy and was inspired by an amazing lead teacher who was generous enough to share her knowledge and love of teaching. I especially enjoy working with the 3-6 year old group because I get to witness the independence and confidence children experience in a Montessori environment. 

I believe I can make an impact in the lives of the children I work with, I want to help shape their lives and share my culture and Spanish language with them. 

In my free time I love spending time with my children and husband, I love chocolate, reading, doing arts and crafts, going to the park and volleyball.





With a background in Performing Arts, Originally from Argentina, I’ve been living in Austin for 2 years. Right after I arrived, I started watching 2 3-month-old babies. At that time, I was finally able to put in practice a vocation that I knew I had since my older kids were born, but had never had a chance to do professionally. Since then, I have been watching multiple babies and toddlers, which makes me extremely happy. Between us, there’s an immediate connection. Even though I don’t have a professional training as a teacher, since I studied architecture and French, I have the experience that life provides by having 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  I have plenty of time to dedicate myself to them and a lot of patience. I look forward to learning whatever it takes to make my time at La Tribu a success. I like to travel, doing crafts, and story-telling. I love life…and chocolate!!









All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers, contributing to the richness of the language acquisition and cultural experience with accents from several different countries.



La Tribu is the place for your child to grow learning about diversity.